Thank You!

Thank you to those who shared their time, thoughts and/or support to help me launch my new venture. We had a tremendous response. In the initial week of the official launch on Wednesday, May 12, we had over 300 people view the announcement, 200 people send a note, 240 people view Steve’s profile, 165 unique people visit with an average of 5 pages visited per session and 38 people follow the company page on LinkedIn. Thank you to all those that supported me. The following agreed to be listed:

Mark Achilles
Brent Bowditch
Caroline Cyboran
George Cyboran
Hugh Cyboran
Jocelyn Cyboran
Tom Davis
John Harris
Sherry Harris
Fran Keane
Wendy Lynch
Scott Mabey
Andrew MacKenzie

Mac McCarthy
Michael Millenson
Jacqueline Piccolini
Ellen Ryan
Bruce Sherman
Nancy Spangler
Pam Steinmetz
Glen Sterling
Tim Suchomski
Jack Towarnicky
Steve Umland
Dean Walsh