Take a quick assessment of your initiatives to determine how your efforts support a healthy culture that performs at its highest level.

How strategically aligned are your initiatives?

  1. Do you have a shared vision and strategy across your organization with consensus from key stakeholders?
  2. Does your organization create an environment where employees want to engage in their work and achieve well-being?
  3. Do reward programs drive performance and help employees thrive?
  4. Do your initiatives promote behaviors consistent with the values of the organization?
  5. Do you understand the impact of your culture on performance, turnover, safety, absence and health?

What behavioral messages are sent by your program?

  1. Do you understand the behaviors your programs drive by design?
  2. Are behavioral messages aligned with desired behaviors?
  3. Do communications establish the appropriate context, education and direct the desired action?
  4. Do you create personal relevance and trigger the proper emotions?
  5. Are your efforts resulting in the desired behaviors?

How strong is your metrics capability?

  1. Do you capture metrics critical to your vision and mission?
  2. Have you adopted metrics that are designed to measure the impact on performance?
  3. Do you measure performance and how it is impacted by turnover, well-being, and absence?
  4. Do you know how turnover, well-being and absence vary by business unit and why?
  5. Do business unit leaders know their metrics compared to peers and understand why they differ?