Cyboran Consulting helps clients improve the employee/student experience, performance, workplace health, benefits effectiveness, and well-being. We deliver results without increased costs while reducing unscheduled absences, and improving productivity, business performance, and financial results. We help you inspire performance in your workforce by building consensus around a vision, determining key priorities, using behavioral design, and identifying metrics for successHave you ever wondered how your efforts support a healthy, high performing culture?

How Cyboran Consulting helps you:

  • Assesses the effectiveness and impact of current initiatives and programs.
  • Develops customized strategies in partnership with you and key stakeholders to help you achieve your business goals.
  • Creates action plans that promote holistic well-being and performance without adding expense. 
  • Designs benefit programs that meet the needs of you and your workforce while ensuring dollars are spent optimally.
  • Supports you throughout the implementation of these plans by being directly involved with you in the design, the processes, and the communications.
  • Delivers results through rigorous actuarial analysis with customized metrics for determining success.

Why Cyboran Consulting:

  • Offers a service oriented reputation for integrity, innovation, and sound actuarial analysis from a quarter century of helping employers and health care providers find creative solutions.
  • Utilizes a vision-driven approach focused on behaviors supported by data and research-based design to inspire and guide participation and performance. You can't force people to tend to their well-being or want to engage.
  • Brings deep expertise in health strategy, paid time off, absence and disability management, streamlining benefits, and health care reform modeling.

“My goal: make you successful, have your business prosper, and help your workforce thrive.”  

- Steve Cyboran