Market Need

Employers seek a high performing and productive workforce that enables the business to thrive. The health and well-being of the workforce continues a steady decline driven by our culture, lifestyle choices, and behaviors. This results in escalating health costs, absenteeism, disability, safety incidents, and lost productivity.

Increasing expectations of employees, reduction in job security, and lack of time for personal renewal is a major challenge. The toll on emotional well-being results in burnout, escalated toxic behaviors, and increased risk of workplace incidents, injuries, and accidents. Employers also seek to:

  1. Engage the workforce to show-up, be productive and advance the mission of the organization,
  2. Rein in health care costs that consume a larger portion of annual operating budgets, compromising other investments in the business, and
  3. Avoid the 40% excise tax on health care starting in 2020.

Historically, employer programs wait until human capital breaks down before providing support. While recent efforts to rein in health care costs focus on consumerism, condition management and wellness, these efforts often fail due to a lack of engagement.

Research indicates that the:

  1. Effectiveness of the workplace is a big driver of health; and
  2. Design, administration, and communications of programs influence the behaviors and choices of employees.

The success of any initiative requires a cultural approach with an inspiring vision, consensus of several stakeholders, the right skills, proper incentives (implicit or explicit), adequate resources, and a solid action plan.

Cyboran Consulting provides a proven methodology to draw the various stakeholders into the initiative, guide desired behaviors, and achieve results within current or reduced budget constraints.